How Maikr Works

HTTP/2 Tunnel

Maikr create a highly encrypted HTTP/2 Tunnel with Maikr Servers in internet backbone thus speedup and secure your network connection.

Connect Multiple Servers

Maikr concurrently connects multiple servers across the globe: United States of America (East and West Coast), Japan, Singpore, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Korea & Russia

Dynamic Routing Algorithm

Maikr Dynamic Routing Algorithm intelligently detect the best routing strategy for your internet access based on current network status. Pick Maikr routing servers across the globe, make you surf the internet with ease. Maikr's Dynamic Routing Algorithm has been especially designed for all of your needs such as streaming & browsing. In fact, with Maikr there is  HUGE boost of network speed!

Domain Filter


Employing state-of-art technology, maikr makes it simple for users. Just two clicks, as manifested in the right image, you can surf the fast internet ever with ease and comfort.

Fast, Simple & Secure, that’s our technology. Try it! We bet you will love it!